The Meaning of the Dark


Pilot 93 has been cut off from New Babylon, lost through a wormhole. Communications have stopped. He is alone at the edge of the universe in a one man ship. With rapidly dwindling oxygen, food and fuel, he must find a way to survive, but what will prove even harder is finding a reason to. Haunted by visitations from an infamous serial killer and with only a black box of recordings and his ship’s personality upload to draw strength from, Pilot 93’s journey will challenge what it means to be lonely, what it means to be human, what it means to even be alive.

In this sci-fi novella, Joseph Sale brings his usual flair for vivid characters and haunting imagery to bear whilst also employing a more intimate first person style that emotionally strikes to the heart. Aching, desperate and heroic, The Meaning of the Dark will surely be counted among his finest work.

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