Christa Wojciechowski, Author of the Sick Trilogy

“I haven’t delved much into the horror genre, so I don’t have much knowledge in this area, but I am an avid classic literature junkie, and as such, was amazed by the talent of Joseph Sale.

The title and the cover gave me the impression that Orifice may be a gratuitous gore-fest, but I downloaded an Amazon sample on a whim and was blown away by the prose. I have not read an indie author like Sale anywhere. I bought Orifice straight away.

The story was mysterious and intriguing, but I couldn’t think on it too much because metaphorical gems Sale executes repeatedly delighted me. I couldn’t get enough of them and greedily devoured each sentence like a fiend.

I think the story might have benefited from some deeper character development, but this was hardly a concern because the writing itself is truly impressive! I will buy anything Joseph Sale ever writes. He has got the ‘IT’ factor. Agents, publishers, screenwriters – swipe this writer up quickly.”