Across time, across worlds, the dark prophets are surfacing. And above the rabble of maniacs and heretics are four supreme lords. A weaver of illusions. A life-drinking mastermind. A psychotic scientist breaking with reality. And, highest of all, The Prince with his hypnogogic eye. Where the horsemen go, hunger, death, terror and sickness follow. As their dark plots unfold, their paths will converge, centering on a city only spoken of in dreams.

There are also those who resist the end times. A wolf-woman. A desert seer. A cripple. A fortune-teller. And the Last Knight. From the slums and shadows come these defenders of the old ways of life, but how can they face the dark when it is unified and they are disparate, lost, broken?

Lines will blur in the darkening city. Secrets kept beneath its black stone will unspell the rule of tyrants and reveal the hidden fate of all wayward souls. Light will meet dark. Dark will meet deeper dark.

And all will perish; all will rise.


From Dark Prophets Press:

‘Nekyia is the collected Four Horsemen and The Fifth Horseman in one almighty tome, a composition of four novellas and one novel which tells an epic saga of apocalypse and unlikely redemption. As harrowing as it is moving, as graphic as it is surreal, Nekyia is a vision of the end times that will surely haunt its readers forever.’

From Clare Jarvis, publishing beta reader:

‘Bringing together characters from The Darkest Touch and Four Horsemen in this climactic finale, Sale’s characters continue to jump off the page… It is clear that Sale has an in-depth understanding of the human psyche at its limits and harnesses this to make the reader curious about even the most gruesome characters like Dr Monaghan. At one moment, I was nearly brought to tears and at many other points my heart was in my mouth showing Sale’s understanding of the human psyche goes beyond the characters to the reader too.’

Praise for the author:

‘I have not read an indie author like Joseph Sale anywhere… a literary genius in the making.’ -Christa Wojciechowski, Author of the Sick series

‘I could not put it down…this is really a writer to watch.’ – Leslie Gardner, Artellus Ltd

‘Atmospheric, chilling, and emotional. The humanity and depth of the characters shines against the backdrop of space, a setting which is hauntingly realised. A very well crafted journey from start to finish.’ – Samuel Parr

‘…an original story full of twisted characters who, despite being almost impossible to like, are nevertheless compelling and complicated.’ – Danielle Bentley