Joseph Sale’s collection ‘Unconstructed Constellations’, is a mix of dark myth, tragic legend, and forboding prophecy. Featuring a combination of ‘free-verse’ and reworked classical forms including the sonnet, the villanelle, and the ballad, Joseph has created a collection that unveils the sunken state of humanity whilst showing flashes of its immortal brilliance. ‘Unconstructed Constellations’ is an emotional, spiritual, and observational concoction, a cornucopia of the fantastical, the real, the past, and the predicted: all of it designed as a mirror to the human condition.

Praise for ‘Unconstructed Constellations’:

“A seamless transition of classical themes into the present: it is a mode of thought which moves from the present straight to the big and recurrent issues of the greatest poetry and ontology. “Ulysses Returns” is a masterpiece in itself and illustrates the point completely … Quite outstanding” – Dr Keith Selby

“There are people who are poets, there are people who want to be poets but are not and never will be. Being a poet is not about being brilliantly clever but having a feeling for words – their music, how they rub along together, the resonances they evoke. Joe, you are a poet … Your understanding of things like half rhyme and cadence show you have a real instinct for the sound of poetry.” – David Orme

Amazon UK: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Unconstructed-Constellations-Joseph-Sale/dp/1471766403/




The son is the image of the father and this is true in more than a biological sense: where there is true affinity the interests, the emotions and the very spirits align. To say the ‘image’ is to use a word germane to poetry: the image, the imagination, and the point of creation itself. This collection features poems from Joseph Sale and also his father James, all about the nature of our family and parental relations.

Amazon UK: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Fathers-Sons-James-Sale/dp/1291440992/


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