Four Horsemen


Four Horsemen - New Cover v1.2

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What is Four Horsemen?

Four Horsemen is a collection of dark novellas, each one modelled on a modern interpretation of one of the horsemen of the apocalypse. Each volume touches a slightly different genre under the wider umbrella of dark fantasy: thriller, apocalyptic, supernatural horror and weird fiction. The stories are unified by their exploration of what truly defines evil and the search to uncover what the harbingers of our own end times would look like. “Easter-egg” secrets can be found in the stories that link together ideas and segments.

Meet the Four Horsemen…

In the dim future, the last remnants of humanity have made a deal with a demon in order to save themselves from the end. They live in The Circle, enclosed by a wall of illusionary mountains. Some want to break from this prison, but the demon is as much in their heads as anywhere else, and has all the power in the world.

Below a thousand feet of ocean water an underground facility designed to contain dangerous freaks of nature has just gone into meltdown – but the real threat isn’t from the contained specimens, it’s from the psychopath who’s just turned off the power, and who’s looking to go out with a bang…

The Taking Man controls people through abducting their loved ones. He seems to have an unfathomable vendetta against one man called Cris Orton. Summoned to London by an enigmatic message, Cris must confront his past and a fear so great he’d made himself forget.

A megalomaniac known as The Prince finds himself in a personal hell and he’s not sure whether he’s dead or dreaming. Whoever’s created this strange world seems to want to break him, but the thing is, The Prince isn’t afraid of hell like everyone else and death can only make him stronger.