Eater of Moss

Eater of Moss is a dark, choose your own adventure game set in a fantasy world where everyone is either addicted to the red moss or one of the walking dead. You take the role of an adventurer and addict who seeks a cure for the slavery to the moss. While journeying through the cavernous depths you will suffer from withdrawal and succumb to addiction, to sway either way too much will result in the loss of your sanity or else the complete collapse of your body.

The horrors and wonders which await in the deepest depths of the Undead Crypts will leave you harrowed and awe-struck, if you can survive long enough to see them…Eater of Moss Cover

Though on the surface, Eater of Moss is extraordinarily simple, a return to the good old fashioned dungeon crawling of the original choose your own adventure books by the likes of Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone, it is, in reality, exceedingly complex. Eater of Moss uses the coding of twine to monitor levels of addiction, how many satchels of moss one has remaining or whether a player is suffering from withdrawal. Players must constantly consider what their levels of withdrawal or addiction are, as it will affect their ability to perform certain actions.

In addition the paths a player chooses will shape their character, leading them to acquire ‘quirks’ which can give them access to additional special choices in the game or restrict them from making choices. They will also, naturally, acquire items, loot, and treasure in the crypts which may aid (or hinder) them during their adventure.

The game is free to play and can be found HERE

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