Across the Bitter Sea


The legendary singer Vainamoinen has been gone for fifteen years and people have lost all hope of him coming back, save for a few.

Lemminkainen was once friends with the singer and they fought together in an old war – a war in which Lemminkainen was killed. Lemminkainen came back, though not without a price. Each day he loses feeling and parts of his mind. He has to find the old singer again before he turns hollow.

The warlord Kaleria has grown bold in the singer’s absence and started to take over Kaleva one district at a time. But when he imprisons Lemminkainen in the Giant’s Keep, a smith, a warrior, an old mariner and a farm-girl decide to rescue him. But to do that, they will need help. They will need to get Vainamoinen back.

Kaleria is no ordinary warlord. Beneath him lies something old and dark that has waited a long time in the Giant’s Keep.

And it is without humanity.

The kickstarter was successfully funded! Congratulations and thanks to all who participated! 

Now available from:

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