Nekyia Pre-Released!

Okay, now I’ve offered the 13Dark kickstarter backers first dibs, I can make a big announcement! My next book NEKYIA is out now on Lulu, and soon will be hitting Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, iBookstore and all the rest.

Nekyia is a Greek word that means: “a rite by which ghosts were called up and questioned about the future, i.e., necromancy.” So, this book is about death, rebirth, figurative and literal, it has a Stephen King vibe to it, with trans-dimensional aspects, as well as a bit of Eric Van Lustbader, stylistically. It’s more fantasy than horror, though there’s certainly enough horror in there for fans.

This book is 5 years in the making. 720 pages. 170,000 words. Pain. Sweat. Tears. Joy. And the only way I could exorcise a lot of demons. This book really is a cornucopia, built from a lot of personal experiences, both good and bad. Traumas, friendships, gestures of kindness. If you know me well, you’ll probably find an echo of yourself in there somewhere.

This book could not have been completed without the love and support of Michelle Fawn, James Sale and Linda E Sale. It simply couldn’t have. Thank you.

Nekyia Books

I also owe a debt of thanks to Richard Thomas, Moira Katson, Christa Wojo, Samuel Parr and Andy Cashmore. You may not have directly edited or fed back on this particular novel, but I’ve learned so much from reading your work it would be an insult not to acknowledge your contribution. Also, your encouragement and support has been invaluable. I’m so grateful.

Lastly, I would like to dedicate this book to the wild horsemen without whom this book would have no inspiration: Connor Davey, Robert-Tinkerbell Giovanni Monaghan & Dominic Jennings.

& Kelly Pearson, the best bibliophile in the world!

The paperback edition of the book is going to be quite expensive – £21.00 – because of its size and quality. There’s no way around it sadly, or I lose money on it. There’s also an eBook version for £5.00. The Kindle version is coming a bit later on when it goes live on Amazon.

Paperback Edition:…/nekyi…/paperback/product-23034957.html

eBook Edition:…/nekyia-th…/ebook/product-23170095.html

Thanks everyone for your support, for listening to me ramble about writing all the time and throwing my books in your face; just when I feel like I’m talking to a void, you remind me there’re people listening. Even if it’s only ever 1 or 2, that’ll be enough to keep me sane.


One final thing: I now have a new website.

website promo

Don’t worry, this one isn’t going anywhere. The new website is to make it easier for people to book writing coaching and events and to act as more of a showcase of my work. Why not check it out?



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