New Year’s Rebirth

Hello everyone,

A very happy new year to you all! (okay, I know I’m jumping the gun, but who’s gunna read this blog at midnight, really?). New Year’s Eve, among other things, is a time for rebirth. The old cliche: new year, new me, whilst saccharine, still holds some kind of truth about it. We want to re-invent ourselves. It’s healthy to do so. Every 6-8 years our bodies quite literally undergo this process, replacing every cell with a clone, regenerating us. So we must also metaphorically re-invent ourselves from time to time to keep our lives fresh, original and healthy.

For me, this is going to take the form of a new approach to writing and a new style. At the end of this year I felt like I really found my voice and I hope in the coming months you will get to experience more of this new voice and enjoy it. This also leads to a new focus regards where I send my stories for publication, the kind of magazines I want to support, a whole new way of thinking.

But enough about me. What about you? How will you re-invent yourself? Of course, I use the word re-invent in the weakest possible sense. There’s no need for a complete change, nor to discard your old self (there’s nothing wrong with it, after all), but, small things can work absolutely miraculous changes in our lives. It could be anything: focusing on putting your writing ‘out there’ more, writing more stories, going to more events, perhaps enrolling on a writing course to hone your skills. There’s so many small, small things you can do which will have a big impact on your life. Feel free to comment these things below and lets get a positive train of thought going!





December’s been surprisingly productive. Here’s some stuff in case you missed it…

In the spirit of rebirth, here’s a link to a new short story by me that’s been published by Storgy Magazine. It’s called An Eye For A Butterfly and as the title would suggest it’s all about transformation, on a spiritual level in particular. Check it out.  This story is sort of a sequel to Soul Machina which was published earlier this year, so if you haven’t already, I recommend you read that story first.

If you’re looking for books to read in the new year, you can check out my reviews of some stellar titles released in 2016, including Tribulations by Richard Thomas & Thirst by Benjamin Warner.

While going forward with new attitude is important, it’s also good to reflect on what has passed. This year has been an astonishing (in both the positive and negative sense) year all round: globally, politically, and personally. If you want the highlights, you can check out my previous blog on the subject of having a change of heart and wanting to go forward with a new mindset into 2017.

Lastly, just as we have lost so many great voices in 2016, it’s also good to celebrate those amazing voices which are still with us. In this spirit, you can read my poem Blackwell, also published at Storgy, which is dedicated to an awesome person doing awesome work in the field of fiction.

Anyway, that’s enough from me. Whatever you are doing for New Year’s Eve, have a good one. Enjoy every second, savour it, because as a great hero of mine once said: “Every moment in the world, things change”. 2017 is going to be different. Maybe good. Maybe bad. Most likely a bit of both.  If you’re reading this I’m wishing you all the best, with all my heart, prayers and thoughts. Truly.


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