Christmas Discounts & Prize Draw!

Hey everyone,

Winter is here, not to sound too much like a certain Game of Thrones family member. The cold has set in. We are counting down to holidays and insane shopping melees and, hopefully, some cosy time with friends, families or pets (depending on your preferred company). In the spirit of the occasion, I’m offering some details and prizes for you lovely loyal followers. It’s been such an amazing year with you and we have come so far together.

A few days ago I hosted a poll on Twitter to see which of my books you’d like to see discounted and 50% of people voted for The Meaning of the Dark, which means it won resoundingly!

So, I would like to give you the link to a special discounted paperback version of The Meaning of the Dark. It’s 30% off as we are 30 days from Christmas eve! And the offer will run until then too. Click the link below to get your 30% off.


Now, for those of you who already bought The Meaning of the Dark and therefore might be a little bit pissed off that you didn’t get 30% off (understandable), don’t worry! I have a solution! Message me on Twitter (@josephwordsmith), Facebook or in the comments section below and provide proof you bought the full-priced version (screenshot of an email is enough) and I will enter you into a random prize draw to win a FREE copy of my novella Orifice. Sound cool? Cool.

Anyway, have a good one this year. Keep warm, stay safe, have fun, be with those you love. Storms are coming, and they are louder and more frightening than winter chills. But we can weather them with art in our eyes, songs on our lips, words in our head, the universe coming alive again with every breath and tear; frost forming on air, like new atoms. Han Zimmer said that jobs come and go but people always need art, music, literature, and he was right: now more than ever.

Now more than ever, people.

Thanks for dropping by. Adieu ’til next time.


Want to chat more? Feel free to comment below!

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