News Flash & Special Pre-Release Offer: Get a Hardcopy of The Meaning of the Dark at 30% off

Hello everyone,

Lots has been going on and so I wanted to drop you all a line to keep you updated and apprised of all the exciting developments in this wonderful community we’re building, and to give you a special limited-time pre-release deal on the paperback version of The Meaning of the Dark, how cool is that?

Firstly, news.

Recently, we broke the 1,000 mark. There are now, collectively, over 1,000 people following me on this blog. This has been such a long journey and at times I thought of giving up, that no one really wanted to read my writing, but you have inspired and continued to support me to the point where we are in 4 figures. Amazing! Thank you all so much. There are no adequate sentiments to express how I feel about that. It might not be the millions who follow other authors I’m connected with, but that doesn’t matter, it’s a platinum medal to me!

Secondly, I’ve recently started a partnership with the awesome dudes at Storgy. I’m doing some film and book reviews for them as well as some fiction in the future. You can check out my first Halloween-themed film analysis of Nightcrawler here. More to come on that so watch this space! They are amazing people, so supportive of up-and-coming writers, and you should definitely check out their current free short stories along with their submission guidelines if you’re a writer yourself.

Finally, The Meaning of the Dark is yet to be ‘officially’ launched on Amazon with Kindle editions etc, but there is a pre-release paperback version available direct from the printers. You can get it from this link – when you check out enter the code OCTHIRTY for a whopping 30% off! Consider it my thank you for breaking 1,000 followers! The offer ends 24th October so make sure you act fast.

On a personal note: I really think you are going to love The Meaning of the Dark. My beta reader has described it as my best work: it’s more intimate, personal, and takes a first person narrative to really explore the depths of the protagonist. My goal is to get 50 reviews of this novel on Amazon, because that’s the number Amazon require to start taking your book seriously. Please, if you like my work, or even if you hated it, leave a review so I can learn to tell better stories for you.

Thanks for coming with me this far. Who knows where we’ll be if we keep up this momentum?

Peace for now.







One thought on “News Flash & Special Pre-Release Offer: Get a Hardcopy of The Meaning of the Dark at 30% off

  1. Fabulous news that you have a 1000 followers, Joe – an elite force, the special ones, what the Persian Emperor might have called his Immortals. From now on – if you are in that first 1000 and if you are reading this you must be – be proud, wear the badge, you were one of the first to follow my son. Heck! I am even starting to follow him myself …

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