Discount on Hardbacks: Across the Bitter Sea & Blackness Absolute

Hello dear and noble lore-collectors,

I don’t know about you, but I am a sucker for a beautiful hardback edition. One of my most prized possessions is a hardback of Paradise Lost, with illustrations by Gustav Dore, gifted to me for my 21st by my wonderful uncle.


When my own work was released in hardback, it was a tremendously exciting experience, a dream materialised. There is a sense of permanence about a hardback that eBooks and even paperbacks don’t quite have. But as we all know, the downside of hardbacks is they are generally costly. And I think they have become more expensive as time has gone on and the rise of the eBook has made content accessible for much less.

But I know there are still those who prefer the hardback,:its solidity, its beauty, and its longevity (the copy of Paradise Lost stills rests on my shelf, contemptuous of time’s passing).

So, to combat the cost (at least a little) I’m knocking off 25% from the price of both the hardback of Across the Bitter Sea (there are some remaining from the kickstarter that were unclaimed) and Seven Dark Stars: Blackness Absolute. These are two beautiful editions: gold-lettered, with gorgeous dust-jackets and cover-art, and parchment-style paper.

To take advantage of this you have to purchase from the printer directly. Links below. Enjoy.

Seven Dark Stars: Blackness Absolute

Across the Bitter Sea

Still unsure? Why not check out some of the reviews from Amazon:

Across the Bitter Sea:

‘ I often found myself transported by his imaginative scene-setting. Mention should be made of the truly epic introduction to ‘The Wanderer’ and later also the life-changing (or death-changing!) encounter with the primeval one/god-being – the eagle-thunder imagery was immense. These fantasy elements were included in the best way possible: they inspire awe whilst making you think and feel deeper…The most blood-raising finale I have ever read!’ – Seb Sanyal

Seven Dark Stars

‘Thought provoking and dark, Sale writes in a compelling way to draw the reader in to each story. This is the first set of short stories I have read and I found when written well, as done so in Seven Dark Stars, they are truly gripping.’ – Clare Jarvis

Thanks for stopping by as always. If you were looking more for hints and tips on writing rather than something to put on your shelf, why not check out my 3 tips for more effective writing  or the mechanics of storytelling. As always, you can follow @josephwordsmith for lots of conversations about horror, storytelling and gaming.

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