Seven Dark Stars: Blackness Absolute, released on Amazon

Blackness Absolute has hit Amazon! WOOP WOOP! Look on its beauty and despair!

dark prophets press

Hello our dark congregation!

Seven Dark Stars: Blackness Absolute is finally available on Amazon! We’re super excited. It’s been a long process, full of learnings and the wonderful challenge of picking a winning story to go into this final edition, but we have finally arrived at the moment of triumphant release! Round up, round up, to hear the words of two dark prophets: Joseph Sale and Matthew Blackwell.


For those who don’t know what Seven Dark Stars:Blackness Absolute is, it’s a beautiful hardback edition of Sale’s collection Seven Dark Stars, which we originally released in 2014. This hardback includes 3 additional stories by Sale and a stunning story by Matthew Blackwell, ‘After the End’, which was the winning entry of our Blackness Absolute competition.

For those who want a truly gorgeous collector’s item, this is the one for you. It features:

  • Gold inlaid hardcase
  • Dustjacket featuring gorgeous new digital cover art
  • Thick parchment-style paper
  • 4 new…

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