Cover Reveal : Orifice, a twisted horror novella

Hello everyone,

SURPRISE! Here is the cover reveal for my next book, Orifice, coming out later this month. It’s a horror novella, roughly 30,000 words, and not one for the faint of heart, truly embodying the principles of Graphic-Horror. I hope you’ll give this lots of love and shares and likes.


And here’s a blurb telling you a little about the story…

In the north of England there is a small town – located just off the beaten A-road of civilization – called Pitwell.  Driven there by flooding caused in a violent storm, four hapless travellers seek refuge in the town’s only hotel, and for a while, as the storm calms and the river waters sink, everything seems like it’s going to be ok.

Just when it’s time for the travellers to return to reality, however, Pitwell decides to show its true colours…

Sale’s most sickening story yet: Orifice is a classic ‘creepy town’ tale re-invented for the modern era. Full of savage imagery and traumatizing scenes, this will give even the most diehard horror fan palpitations.

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