Four Horsemen Easter Egg Hunt Competition Opens

Hello all,

I hope you’re all overjoyed by the knowledge you have surmounted the first half of your week. The weekend draws ever closer! Hopefully it will bring some of you reading time – and you know which book I am about to recommend you pick up… I’m biased, of course, but I really think you’ll enjoy it. It also won’t cost you a penny. So if you haven’t, please, email and get your free copy of Four Horsemen.

To give you extra incentive, I’m also running a competition for those who download the book which I mysteriously alluded to some weeks ago…


Four Horsemen is an interwoven fabric. In it, you will find allusions to sci-fi and fantasy movies and literature of all eras, pop culture, internal links between the stories and other novels I have written as well as a wealth of references to music, history and much, much more. To be honest, there’s so much stuff in there I’m not sure I can remember it all.

That’s where YOU come in. I’m looking for a brave soul who can unpack all of these references. It can be done in any format you want: a blog, a review, a book of your own, or even a (very long) series of tweets. The person who can present the most comprehensive list of these ‘easter eggs’ will receive a FREE COPY of one of the remaining LIMITED EDITION HARDBACKS of Across the Bitter Sea  (pictured below). A few of these hardbacks were unclaimed after the kickstarter finished and so now I’m offering one as a reward!



Ooohh, shiny… 

So, the competition is officially open. To allow reading (and researching) time, I’m keeping it open till April 30th. Please have your entries in by then. Good luck!

Thanks, as always, for reading. I now have a date with an unfinished manuscript.


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