Nothing Has Changed Since Innsmouth

Hello Everyone,

I hope you’ve had a good start to 2016 – it now feels very far indeed since the Christmas holidays and New Year’s Eve! If you haven’t heard the latest news, Four Horsemen’s official release date has been announced: 28/01/2016! So please, save the date in the diary, take the day off work if you have to, cancel all plans, and settle down for a unique reading experience as you (virtually) hold in your hands the weirdest (ok perhaps not the weirdest but certainly weird) tome that ever was penned by a 21st-century soul.

To tide you over to this auspicious date, I have a bite-sized piece of art for you. I’ve been out of the habit of writing poetry (prose is a demanding mistress), but today I felt the need to try my hand at it again. I was inspired by a mood, a feeling, and wanted to articulate it. I hope it has produced something you can enjoy. The poem is titled: Nothing Has Changed Since Innsmouth, and I would love to know what you think.


Nothing Has Changed Since Innsmouth…


There’s something rotten here,

the wind no longer tastes the same

and shadows in the water grow unclear.


I can feel the deadman drawing near

his shuffling steps leave tissue stains:

there’s something rotten here.


I recall the day he first appeared:

choking merchant with a drug to eat the pain,

the shadows in the water grow unclear.


Lock horns with partners, spill amphibian tears,

work like dogs doing nothing, swim with blame:

there’s something rotten here.


The future opens like a bloody tear,

unwelcome as the first of many drams.

The shadows in the water grow unclear –


no hope for young souls, we drink with teeming

ghosts, deserters of our pasts, the truth made lame.

There’s something rotten here:

our shadows in the water, nightmarish and clear.


Image courtesy of Malakh7 

Thank you all for tuning in! Until next time…



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