Now Offering Editing Services, Proofreading and More!

Hello all,

I’m now going to be offering my services as a proofreader and editor for those of you who want to polish their essays (in preparation for the new term) or manuscripts.

I offer a range of editorial services: from the humble proofread for grammatical errors or typographic mistakes, to fully fledged analysis, critique, and stylistic workshopping. Whether you want to dramatically improve your writing or simply need another pair of eyes to look at your manuscript to pick out those flaws which are invisible to an author, there’s an affordable option for you.

Standing Stones ArranAlternatively, I can lend my services as a cover designer, providing you with a book cover that meets the dimensions and specifications you provide. To check out some previous examples of my work on book covers or to find out more about what I offer and how to make an enquiry, you can visit the  Editorial Services & Freelance Work page.

Thanks all and have a good week!


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