The Game’s Afoot!

Hello again everyone,

I couldn’t resist the Sherlock Holmes pun there. Life’s becoming busier and busier but there’s lots of fun being had along the way and I’m so excited to be working on some killer projects in both the literary and gaming world (sometimes both at once)! Let’s start, however, with some spotlights on friends, who are also busy, busy bees, and some fascinating discoveries which only the primordial landscape of the web could give birth to:

Ben Norris, poet and performer extraordinaire, whose collection was reviewed (read: raved about) on this blog a few moons ago, is running a kickstarter campaign for his awesome one man show which is going to kick off at the Edinbugh Fringe and he could do with a tiny bit more support just to push him over that finish line funding goal. There’s tons of tasty rewards to choose from so take your pick. Find the link to his page here:

Dennis Cooper, has written his tenth novel, Zac’s Haunted House, from inside the internet. The man who William S. Burroughs once called “the most dangerous writer in America” has created a terrifying virtual book made entirely of forever-looping GIFs. Seriously, seriously not safe for work (or indeed, any extended viewing).

Nonbinary Review, these guys are seriously awesome and have just finished producing a collection with stories themed around The King in Yellow tales by Robert E. Chambers, tales which were an inspiration for Lovecraft and the first series of True Detective. Need I mention anything other than that? Oh, it’s also free and you can download it on your iPad..

GarageThe Garage from Darkness Beneath…

Games & Stuff

Following on from lots of the feedback from Darkness Beneath I’m now working on my second twine game: this one promises to be even more intense with more gameplay elements (as opposed to narrative/literary elements) and a clearer objective. Players have to monitor levels of addiction and resources whilst navigating a treacherous landscape – and the consequences for decisions has been expanded upon and developed.

I’m always looking for feedback: my deepest gratitude to everyone who did provide me with some comments and thoughts. The next game, whose tentative working title is Eater of Moss, is going to be a hell of a lot better thanks to you!

However, if you haven’t played Darkness Beneath, I’d still strongly recommend it! It’s free and can be found here:

Writing & StuffUntitled1

It’s not ALL about games however (though I must say I’m loving the gaming at the moment): I’ve also started work on a new novel as well as sending out two or three tasty short stories which should be appearing places soon. There’s also a big announcement soon to come about my latest publishing deal which is for a collection of exceedingly dark novellas. More on that anon.

Well, that just about covers it I think. I hope you like the links and get a chance to find a few minutes to play Darkness Beneath (if you haven’t already). As always discussions, comments and responses to all of the work or games you find here (whether something I’ve done or one I’ve reviewed or linked to -anything!) is always welcome.

Adios amigos!


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