A Shameless, Shameless, Plug

Hi everyone,

This is something of a self-plug so I do apologise: occasionally I succumb to them just as the gnarly moss addict succumbs to licking cavern walls.

This disturbing likeness aside, you might like to know there’s 25% off Seven Dark Stars when you buy from the below link and you can then get a further 20% discount by entering the special code for Father’s Day when you check out: FATHER20

That’s 45% off the print edition which ridiculously undercuts Amazon and means you can get the book for something like a fiver-plus-postage. Who knows, it might make a great treat for a father in love with horror/dark fantasy (or indeed any relative) this weekend?


Have a great weekend people and enjoy your hard earned Friday night!

P.S. To make up for my shameless plug here’s an awesome picture of Nashandra from DSII


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