Choose Your Own Adventure: Darkness Beneath

Just a quick note to let you all know I’ve just published my first proper Twine game. I’m really excited to know what people think about the game and the story; it’s my first time releasing a game like this online but by all means don’t go easy on me: feedback leads to improvement! I must say a big thank you to Charlie Dart, who first introduced me to Twine. He’s an excellent writer, game-creator and editor whose blog can be found here: Another big thank you goes out to Samuel Parr who beta-tested, critiqued and re-tested the game!

More information about Darkness Beneath can be found on the new page I’ve created for it but here’s a little blurb to give you a taste:

Darkness Beneath is an intense narrative experience modelled on the classic ‘choose your own adventure game’, using the advanced mechanics of Twine to determine the outcomes of choices made during the game. There are 4 main endings which can be achieved (and many more subtle variations of each one). 

It’s a story of a kind of spiritual descent, a desperate escape from the real world into a far darker one – but I won’t go any further because there’s lots to be discovered yourself, and of course, you get to choose how it all ends…

You can play Darkness Beneath for free HERE

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