Review: The Mind is a Razorblade by Max Booth III

Hello everybody,

It’s Friday folks, and we’re almost at the Holy Grail of the weekend. This Saturday I will be mostly doing nuthin’-at-all and on Sunday I will be going down to Ground Zero in the New Forest in order to pretend small plastic pellets are real bullets skimming over my head and that the electrical motor pistol in my hand is a CMA Glock. This is for enjoyment, of course.

As it is the weekend and this is (for most of us) the time we can finally relax, I’d like to give you a recommendation for some weekend reading: The Mind is a Razorblade by Max booth III. (You probably guessed it as it’s in the title).

This is a really incredible book. It’s incredible because of the sheer level of creativity within it. Genres are effortlessly blended: at once it is a novel of identity and at the same time about a phantasmal and rather satanic godhead. It is part 1984 and part neo-noir Lovecraft – throw that in with some strippers and killer one-liners and you have something really special. Booth has real style to his prose and it makes everything interesting: even a domestic conversation becomes intriguing, conveys the sense of deeper meaning beneath. It’s what writing should be.

I bloody envy him.



This is also a novel written by someone who knows exactly when to use humour and when not to. It is touching, almost sentimental though it stays on the right side of the line. The construction of the story is so effortless it moves from one dreamlike encounter to another with a kind of grace that belies the torments and struggles of the protagonist. I can’t say much about the plot because I’d hate to ruin one of the many surprises in store for you, but suffice to say it is even more complex than it initially appears.

Anyway, that’s my gush over. See the link to it below:

Amazon UK

Amazon US

That’s all for now folks! I hope you liked the review. You’ve probably noticed I mostly review things I really like: this is because I find it difficult to spend creative energy on something I don’t find worthwhile, that I don’t think contributes to the world: why give it publicity? However, as I know this is something of a shortfall  (and also for giggles) if you’d like me to tear into something really dreadful, please give me your recommendations. I won’t be gentle. I promise.

Anyway, peace for now.

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