Life Is A Videogame: Start Playing

That’s my worldly advice to those of you who are struggling at the moment: treat life like a videogame. Some people might think this is somehow a belittling metaphor, but I’d argue the opposite. A videogame is a complex work of art that responds constantly to the way you and others engage with it; the main difference is that most people feel empowered playing videogames whereas life is daunting and huge: too difficult to get a grasp of.

By treating challenges and scenarios in life the same way you would a difficult level in a videogame you can alter the way your brain thinks and responds to the problem. We are relaxed and creative when playing videogames, eager to problem solve. When we go to work we are run down, possibly even intimidated by our bosses and the systems of rules. But if you could flip it, you could succeed just like in the game.

To expand the analogy, let’s look at the types of people who inhabit this videogame universe.

Game of Thrones

Cheat Code

There are some people who have been given the cheat codes. These are the sons and daughters of celebrities, friends of bankers, Etonians and Oxbridge cliques. Those born into money and “success”.


These are the criminals. Hackers have rejected the system and altered the structure of the program because they have lost faith with how the program works. These people are playing against the game, the only problem is they always ruin it for the other players.


So then there’s the core of any game: normal players hoping to collect enough experience to advance to the next level. But even here there are many different types of player…

PvPers: pvp stands for player versus player. These people are the competitors who are always looking to undermine and beat the other players or else be then top of their team. We see these most often in offices obsessed with sales statistics or time taken to stock check. The best way to get round them is to allow them to get competitive with somene else.

PvEers: PvE stands for player versus enemy, in other words those who want to play against the machine. These are the rebels, those who rage against the system and are looking to succeed despite the odds. These people can be useful allies unless they view you as part of the system they reject.

Campers: campers are the people who sit in the corner of a room and shoot anything that comes through the door. In life they are those who never take risks out on then open field. They wait for opportunities and kills to come to them. These people are surprisingly dangerous as you never know they’re there until they either shoot you in the back or steal your kill.

The protagonist: corny, eh? But this is you. The Hero of your own story. You are Dovakin and Master Chief and Dante and a lonely knight in Drangleic and no amount of camping, kill stealing, platforming or puzzle solving is going to stop you getting through. So out on your armour and load up your Bolter. It’s time to get to level 90.

I hope you enjoyed reading; until next time brothers and sisters!


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