Writing: The Cruelty, The Craft, The Craving

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dark prophets press

Hello all,

Lots has been going on recently, we haven’t had a pause to breathe, but that’s how we like it. Seven Dark Stars is coming along very well, and there’s an opportunity for you to obtain copies before the big release in November – and at a discounted rate. Check out our Facebook page for more details: https://www.facebook.com/darkprophetspress and while you’re there, why not give us a cheeky “like”?

Anyway, publishing aside, let’s talk about actual writing itself: the art of telling a story, of impressing feeling, of taking someone else on a journey even though they don’t have to take a step from the couch. In the time before film, this art was entirely unique. Now, many people find films easier (and hence a decline in book sales and royalties). Films take less time to get through. They visualise all the elements of the story for you. And (most films)…

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