The Competition Winner

The winner of the competition is Andy Cashmore – you can check out his awesome short story here!

dark prophets press

It’s been a great few weeks here at the Dark Prophets Press. We’ve made progress towards finalising our first release Seven Dark Stars, and we’ve also been reading through all the wonderful stories you’ve been sending in.

It’s been such a pleasure to read through these 343 word snippets of darkness. Though according to most articles and journalism on the subject sales of collections are falling, we feel reading through a series of stories is a unique experience. Don’t get us wrong, we’re huge fans of the novel. In fact, our list of top all time books would perhaps be entirely made up of novels, but there’s something beautiful and satisfying about submerging oneself in a tale for a brief period before rising to take air again and then diving into a new pool of wonders. Thank you for giving us this special joy.

Now, the winner…

The winning story is ‘It’s A…

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