What Lies Ahead

Hello everyone,

Normally, when I write a blog, I like to make it about something everyone can relate to.  Although primarily this blog is about writing, words, and literature, I think it’s safe to say that these things are only as important as they are because they are tied to reality: they illuminate a try or they give us cathartic understanding of someone else’s pain or our own.

This time, however, it’s something of an unashamed update.

Lots has been happening this year. The metaphor about waiting for a bus and then two arriving is absolutely true. This momentum that’s risen up from somewhere like the winds of Aeolus released from the magic pouch of Zeus, has only come about because of you – the readers – who have kept reviewing, sharing, liking and blogging about my work, as well as providing that all important manna in the desert known as encouragement. I can’t thank you all enough, and can only hope you enjoy the work I have to offer and that it provides as much catharsis in reading as it does in writing.

So, what’s new?

Next month the Non-Binary Review are going to publish my story Dead-Meat Dogsbody in their Frankenstein themed issue. It’s an extremely disturbing story on a number of levels, about obsession, pain, and at what point we are driven to welcome death. I am not entirely to blame for the sick imagination of this story as my great friend (and massively talented writer – though he’s shy) Samuel Parr inspired me with the idea for the two main characters. We were midway talking about I-don’t-know-what and suddenly this voice and demeanour came out of nowhere. I say nowhere, it was his raw imagination. Or possibly a game of dungeons and dragons. Either way, thanks Sam.

If that wasn’t enough, my sci-fi horror story Descent is going to appear in Dark Hall Press’s Techno-Horror Anthology later this year. This is especially exciting as the story will be alongside the works of horror writers I deeply admire, such as Michael Bray, author of Dark Corners and Whisper. This is a double edged sword really, as it is always humbling to be read alongside work of great writers as well as an honour.

Edgar Allan Poet Press are also publishing my very, very short tale (borderline flash fiction) called Do Not Wake in their Journal 2#.

Lastly, around November time, my collection Seven Dark Stars will be released by Dark Prophets Press. It features a novella, Grim, along with 6 short stories. Some previously published and some completely new. I must say a big thank you to Andy Cashmore on this one as he did an insanely detailed read-through and editing appraisal on the work.

Well, thank you all for reading. I hope you are as excited about the upcoming months as I am. If you have any thoughts or feedback on my work, if you want to ask me questions about writing or publishing, or if you just want to chat about the fantasy that is our lives, feel free to comment!




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