What Do You Look For In A Horror Story?

Interesting little blog about publishing and what we look for in a story

dark prophets press

It’s a question publishers get asked time and time again, so much do that they now will post detailed submissions guidelines specifying the exact story that attracts them. The thing is, sometimes you don’t know what you are looking for until it’s right in front of you, and this prescriptive guide-lining seems indicative of a wider narrowing of the field.

Less and less publishers are open to unsolicited submissions from new or less established writers, and, perhaps as a Newtonian opposite reaction, self publishing is increasingly becoming the resort of many writers of ability. This is not to say we believe anyone should be published if they want to be, but if a publisher never accepts a manuscript from a new writer how do we find the next King, or McCarthy?

So, with these observations in mind, here’ what the Dark Prophets look for in a story or novel; it…

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