Our First Release

I’m so excited for this release. I hope you guys are too!

dark prophets press

Dark Prophets Press is pleased to announce its first title ‘Seven Dark Stars’ by Joseph Sale, due to be published in November.

Dark Stars Cover Final Version 7

“Nothing stays dead. Not the dogs. Not the voices. Not me.”

Seven Dark Stars is a new collection of dark fiction from the author of The Darkest Touch that looks to explore the glowing truth that burns hidden amidst the darkness in our lives. Inspired by the great horror authors of the past and present such as H.P. Lovecraft, Stephen King, and Harlan Ellison, this collection features the dark novella Grim: the story of Blake MacTire, a detective in the slums of Birmingham who’s confronted by a killer that believes his dead mother is alive again at the bottom of a lake. Blake’s sure it’s nonsense – only – he’s seen something in the lake too. Something awful and familiar. And it wants him.

Alongside this longer tale are…

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