Book Review: “New Era: The Chronicles of the Revealer”

Hello Everyone,

Amidst all the mad publicity about my own book, I think it’s good to break it up with news about someone else’s! I’ve recently finished reading a fantastic new novel out by Spanish author Laura Salesa.

The first thing to say, is that this book is beautifully produced. Laura Salesa puts her knowledge of graphic design to good use. Even the page numbers are exquisite, and the formatting makes it highly readable.

The book originally attracted me because of its premise: namely, the end of the world. Laura Salesa depicts a civilisation without electricity, gas or any real kind of power that finds itself struggling to survive against the elemental forces that have been unleashed on the world. Her young heroine, Dana, is a writer, and the text moves between direct first person accounts and her diary entries, giving us lots of prisms through which to view the events unfolding. Dana’s observations build her character and cast interesting lights on types of catastrophe we might think has a predictable response.

The big success of this book is Dana’s warmth as a character. She’s optimistic (though not without human doubt and numerous trials and tribulations), and her kindness and positive outlook in the face of such adverse circumstances makes a welcome change from the commonly depressed anti-heroes of most post-apocalyptic works. Laura writes from Dana’s perspective effortlessly, and the narration is direct, detailed, and full of anchoring information that makes the action seem real. She’s a loving heroine, and her search for love becomes just as important a part of the story as her search for truth – and if that’s not human, I don’t know what is!

So, why not treat yourself to another apocalyptic book. Here’s the link:

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