Join the Campaign; Spread Darkness!

Hello everyone, 

Normally, I try to write this blog about other writers, musicians and artists that are emerging in the field, and to offer opportunities for these writers to get their work out. If you haven’t already, you should definitely check out our Featured Writer Guy Bishop’s stonking collection of stories at the Phantasmagorical Cornucopia: 

But, in the next few weeks my first professionally published novel ‘The Darkest Touch’ is due for release. It’s a literary horror novel, the story of a group of twisted ‘apostles’ gifted with powers they despicably misuse. They’ve taken control after World War 3 has left the world a cold, broken, irradiated place, and they plan on staying in control. 

Now, I know I market too much at the best of times. My friends used to call me ‘Pressure Sale’ as a joke because my second name suited me so aptly (someone even asked me if I’d legally altered my name just to sell more books). So, in order to make the marketing just a little easier on your eyes (or perhaps ears) I’m proposing a special way to do this campaign. I’m going to share links to my book and every time I do, I’m going to link a song with it: something that I listened to when I wrote the book, or something that relates to its themes and stories. Hopefully, this will at least give you a song to enjoy even if you’re tired of hearing about my book. 

But if you like the song, or the book, or both, I’d love for you to share your own song and a link to it. Let’s spread the word. Let’s spread The Darkest Touch. 

Look out for the first song link. Hopefully, you’ll join me on this dark road. 



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