‘The Echoes’ – poem set to music

Hey everyone,

This is my new crazy project – I feel it deserves a little bit of explaining, and I’m also going to ask a big favour of all of you! Basically, as you all well know by now, I’m a Muse fanatic. I love them. I have every album they have ever produced. I have their T-shirts. I saw them at Reading and will be seeing them again in May. To me, they are everything that music should be.

When someone asked me what my ‘dream gig’ would be, I said, without that much thought, that I’d love to be a warm-up act for Muse at Wembley stadium, and have 75,000 people hear my spoken-word and poetry! Well, it’s a long shot, but still, a man must dream or he’ll never manifest a future.

With this is mind, I’ve decided to start small and work my way up. I’ve taken their song, Isolated System, which is a true masterpiece (in fact it’s GENIUS in every sense of the word), and written a poem to go over the top of it. The music is perfect on its own, but I thought its lack of a vocal melody and the feelings it evokes would be perfect tonally for a poem to accentuate it and maybe add a few other twists? Who knows…

But apart from the lack of a vocal melody, why did I choose this song? For me, it’s one of the greatest examples of a song sonically representing what its content, or meaning, is intending. The repetitive piano melody overlays key changes, tempo alterations, bass variations and more, but it always stays the same: it is always in a loop, and it is always in an isolated system. The way the song builds into the sonorous crescendo of ghostly voices is not only spine tingling, but represents humanity’s urge to defy the laws of entrophy that exist in this universe. Creativity and expansion is juxtaposed with complete degenerations, and at the end, even as the energy and power of the song runs down, the song, symbolic of humanity itself, is still striving for the sublime excellence of true art. Just as it reaches it, the song fades away and the woman’s vocie reverberates on a loop.

I thought that this subject matter had great scope for poetical interpretation, and I aimed to take things a little further still – but imagining humanity’s legacy in the aftermath of complete entrophy. I hope you enjoy it.

Now to the main point. It’d be unbelievably epic if Muse could see this video. I’d really like them to re-tweet it, although that is a longer shot still! But it doesn’t hurt to try! To achieve this aim, I’m asking you [once again] for a few seconds of your time to link this onto your Twitter and send it @muse so that they see it – but only do it if you really enjoyed the video of course!

Thanks so much – I owe you once again.



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