“To yearn, to seek, to find, and not to yield”

A short post about this famous quote from Tennyson’s Ulysseys, there are a number of interpretations, but I think an important one to take away is that to get the things we want in life: finding love, god, peace of mind, contentment, excitement, we must ‘seek’ them actively, and in our search we must be ever vigilant and ‘not…yield’, because for our own sanity’s sake, for the sake of making this goal reality, and for the sake of our own spirits, we must be true to ourselves by not giving up. In Tennyson’s Ulysseys, the great hero actually dies in his last great search and is destroyed by the sea which he seems to have conquered – but one is given the sense that if he hadn’t gone out for the last great adventure and sought the final frontier that he yearned to find, then he would have been dead inside anyway. So yearn, seek, find and do not give up – because its worth it in the long run!


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