New Year’s Eve Reflection


When I look back and reflect on the year I realise how crazy everything has been. But though we are all looking forward to what we hope will come, for a moment, like Doctor Faustus, I call on all powers and command: “Stand still you ever moving spheres of heaven / That time may cease and midnight never come!” I wish for one moment of pause to thank those that have made my time on this planet worthwhile.


Firstly thanks to God for giving me another year of a wonderful life. Thank you also for aiding my father in his darkest hour when all other hopes seemed obliterated. Thank you for showing me the meaning of the words: “All things are possible for those who believe,” and thank you for answering my prayers.


Secondly thanks to all my fantastic friends, both old and new, both scholarly and inquisitive, both verbose and quiet, both obdurately true and fleetingly inspirational: you have enlightened my being and brought me joy.


Thanks also to my teachers and mentors over the years: my Sixth Form teachers, my University lecturers, my father and mother, and my knowledgeable companions.


Thank you Michelle, my wonderful girlfriend, without your company I would not be capable of enduring the trials and tribulations of this mortal coil. If I’ve learnt one thing it’s the immortalising power of love: choose the right person to love, and your world will be illuminated forever.


I thank the writers of this world both the living and the dead, for all that they have given me: they have defined me. Without them I would not – could not – be.


I thank the band members of Muse, Avenged-Sevenfold and Breaking Benjamin for giving me such bodacious music to listen to.


And lastly, I wish you all the happiest New Year that there could be.


God bless you all,





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