The Apocalypse

An interesting debate was raised today and I thought it might be interesting to blog about it. If all the electricity in the world was suddenly cut, and technology ground to a halt: what would be the result? I personally think a world of raiding, chaos and confusion would evolve resulting in death and a total change in perspectives and values. Naturally commodities such as food and crops would become increasingly valuable, as would weaponry. Items non-essential for survival (such as books, instruments and artistic works) would become virtually obsolete except for the minority who would wish to preserve them. However this is only my personal opinion; I would love to hear what your take on the situation would be!


One thought on “The Apocalypse

  1. Of course in Yeats’ awesome poem: The Second Coming, we see a terrible and dark image of the end of the world summed up in his depiction of the creature, the: “rough beast, its hour come round at last,/ Slouches toward Bethelehem to be born.” – this conveys (if with somewhat Biblical imagery) the perversity and abnormality of the events, as it “slouches” i.e. moves, to be “born”.

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