We are all moved by certain moments in literature, movies, and by pieces of music and art. Is it the legendary charge of the Rohirim on the plains of the Pelennor fields? Is it the moment when Dracula’s brides attempt to seduce the unwitting Jonathan Harker?

I invite everybody to share what their all-time greatest moments are, wherever they originate from and however trivial you might consider them – for me? It is the moment when Odysseus finally enters the hall of Ithaca and battles with the suitors alongside his son Telemachos, and faithful swineherd Eumaios, that brings a roar of triumph from your throat!


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  1. From the series Dragon Master by Chris Bunch
    Hal, the hero of the story is a dragon rider and the best few chapters of the book came when he attacks a Roche city, Aude . It describes so well flying formations of the dragons and the dogfights they have. In this battle Hals lover gets killed and it leaves you feeling how Hal would. The book builds up to this moment perfectly too and despite the grand victory there, you know the story and the war is not over making this moment one of the most epic I have ever read. I would also recommend this to any one who loves reading.

  2. Satan facing Death at the portals of Hell, Sin observing the contest – what a sight! What an imagining – the language, the elevation, the psychological insight. Poor Milton – having written this, and Shakespeare still ahead. What does one have to do to become the number one poet?

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