Violence in Dark Age Heroes

In Dark Age Heroes we see explicit violence enacted at the end by the heroes, by some of the readers of my book this was seen in a positive light of retribution, and by others it was considered brutish and difficult to sympathise with. There are moments in all our lives where it appears a difficult choice may lie ahead of us, and that violence may be needed to save a loved one, defend a cause we deeply believe in, or used to strike back at those who have struck at us. The almost exaggerated levels of gore in the concluding scenes of Dark Age Heroes were designed to draw the reader’s attention and thought on what they might consider a justified response to the sequences of events that had lead the Nibelungs to this crucial point.

The question is always difficult: if we take the Biblical commandment of ‘Thou shalt not kill’ it seems fairly unambiguous, but then again violence is used in the Old Testament (and also in the New) to bring about change and to prevent evil from occurring. Violence is a terrible, terrible thing, especially against our fellow man, but are there times and circumstances when such drastic actions are necessary?


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