Blinded by love?

Just a short blog…

The phrase “blinded by love” is a common cliché that is often viewed with some scepticism. However, in my opinion although it’s overused, it’s yet highly accurate. Often do you hear people lamenting that they only saw a person’s faulty qualities after the event, when it was ‘too late’. Love is a powerful force when it moves you to devotion but it can also cloud your judgement. Similarly, we might take that in the story of The Nibelungenlied Krimhild’s apparent perfection (certainly physical perfection) conceals a realm of darkness and a high capacity for maliciousness within her. Siegfried’s love temporarily seems to suppress this conceit but upon his death it surfaces and causes her to act with inhuman cruelty, and what’s more, not in an impulsive fashion but a premeditated one.


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