Dark Age Heroes – Vengeance or Madness

In Dark Age Heroes we see one of the most important questions of any warrior raised: Am I a hero or a villain? As we follow the journey of the almost megalomaniac Hagen of Troneck we are thrown into a conundrum as we try to discern whether he is in the right or not, or whether he successfully redeems himself at the end. These are important questions for every human being whether he is a fighter or not, for one must always be able to distinguish whether he/she is on the right side of justice or not. Hagen shows great courage in fighting the Hungarian hordes but as Krimhild says herself, anybody can be courageous when they have to be.

 One cannot answer this question immediately or simply, for human beings and their motivation are infinitesimally complex and strange.

 It also raises the issue of how far revenge can go before it becomes pure virility and madness. Krimhild has a right to take a vengeance on Hagen as he slew her husband, but she ultimately ends up killing hundreds of innocent men who have never done her any wrong including her three brothers. Those of us who have more of an affinity with the statement: “An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.” may well see her destruction as just, but those of us who believe in the concept of forgiveness will be horrified that she went to such abominable lengths in order to destroy an old enemy.

 I leave it to you to decide who is right and wrong in your personal opinion (which will of course be partially formulated through your own experiences and feelings). What we can perhaps all agree on is the terrible power within humans to deceive and to destroy.


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