Objectives in teams

The other day I was conversing with one of my friends and he remarked that we should start a rock band as we have the perfect combination of instruments to do so. I thought that it was a fantastic idea as I love music and love creating music, it gives you a truly wonderful feeling inside. However after a few talks about fairly inconsequential things such as a band name and who was playing what etc when I asked the big question of: “What song should we play as our first?” immediately dissention and disagreement arose. This was when I realised that although we were all great friends and played instruments, we had not really considered that our music tastes were completely different; this might seem like a blindingly obvious error, but it goes to show that one must think carefully about how a team will come together before it is assembled. Any team must comprise not only of talented individuals but also people who work well together and who feed each others skills, also people who are positive because one negative person can drag down the performance of a whole team (look to the story of Jason and the Argonauts and you will see that although Hercules was possibly the strongest warrior on the ship, he nonetheless made a constant nuisance of himself in fits of rage and despair and so they left him behind and fared much better afterwards). The other important thing is for every member of the team to believe in the objective, this was where we fell down, we worked well, had the ability to play, but didn’t share the same ideal of where we would be going with the music. Again looking to Greek myth Jason’s party of heroes all believed in his goal: The Golden Fleece. Luckily, later on, we found a song we could all agree upon, so everything is going alright for the moment…


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